Detect. Improve. Prevent.

Empower your helpdesk.

Proactive vs. Reactive.

Proactive vs. Reactive.

Research indicates that employees lose up to 22 minutes of productivity a day due to IT related problems. Service Mesh lets your IT support respond to incidents proactively and enables you to take preventive measures before they notice, helping users to be more productive.

Accelerate the workplace.

Accelerate the workplace.

Save up to 50% of lost productivity caused by IT problems. Use Service Mesh to solve problems faster or preventing them all together. You will increase user productivity, because users will be spending less time involved with incidents.

Increase IT satisfaction.

Increase IT satisfaction.

Taking preventive measures reduces the impact caused by IT problems on user productivity. Detecting issues earlier lessens the impact and shortens the lead-time of incidents, resulting in increased user satisfaction.

How it works:

Unleash truly data-driven IT support in three steps:

1. Data collection

Service Mesh combines data from IT Infrastructure and IT Service Management to generate a unique perspective on IT problem resolution.

2. Building the Mesh

By leveraging powerful AI algorithms a powerful preventive system is build, specifically tailored to your environment.

3. Take action

IT operations get empowered by providing actionable metrics.

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